One to All

Empirical epidermis Separating open from closed Your barrier is an illusion Enter everyone Waves of strokes n folks Euclideanly empty empaths Export entry Phrases reach phases moving about Without touch out of touch Evaporated existential Cleaned purity recycles thought Move outside your shell Engaged enrichment Gravity unbound abound A chorus of color

This lost feeling

An endless soup of cut up feelings Unfinished justifications And mislabeled progress I will never feel bad In leaving a bad situation Why do I feel so lost Without my connection

Teaching Tree

Ah the many branches of intellect How they interconnect and move Leaves one to wonder what words Cycles of interpretive rhythms connect Listening distances from hearing Spoken harmony sung by more than lords Lessons in to when lives past crept Experience can only drive future Building from the past creates roads

Giving presently

There’s a lot that can be said around giving of yourself. What I want to give out to the universe more than anything is my eternal gratitude for everything I have been given.   The things though, are not as important as how you treat them.  For how you treat them is how they treat you, maybe more…

Personal Jealousy

You want some of my time? You. You think that you deserve some of the time that is mine always,that I can give to you if I feel you are worthy, you want to consume me? May I warn thee: To consume me before I am ready to know you results in a most bitter…