Infinite sadness, you need to find a new home. This chateau has gotten
old and is tired of its tenet. You don’t even have to grab your things,
just go. I’m going to leave on a bike ride today, and when I get back,
you had better be no where nearby. Not trying to hate or anything like
that, but you’ve tread on me enough trouble and problems.

Breath of fresh air bring with you a new life energy.

I’ve quit smoking.

quit smoking 3 days now. 3 whole days without a cigarette. I’m looking
for a lot more of an emotional change than just that, I want to start
working out, making money for ME, and let some life courses finally
finish their tourney. Oh, I guess since I have the weight machine in
the house the working out thing should be a bit easier right? RIGHT.
Helps SO much to have someone that is also motivated. In light if that,
if there are any friends that even read these and are interested in a
FREE gym with a bench press (about >150 lbs) and pull down, pull up,
etc, you should call me.

The email went off to one of the hiring
aids at MU, and I am going to contact Gerbes today about that job, in
addition I am gonna see if I can get Dreamcater to commit to hiring me
instead of just giving me tiny little computer jobs (he owes me about 3
hours now, but I want a job there, not 1 or 2 hours a week computer

Wish me luck coming up here, usually these blocks fall
into place faster, I guess the universe wants to test me out. I will
NOT borrow more money from my father if I can help it. Keeping some
honor, keeping some of my valor, keeping some of my manhood is going to

Best wishes to all, be well,

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