Yeah, I haven’t posted cool stuff in a while… but I haven’t been reading much news and I don’t mean to sound like a downer here… but it’s not the best news recently right?  Please don’t hate, appreciate.  Well, here is some cool news… that either we should’ve already known or should’ve happened years ago.  Shoulda-woulda-coulda.  It’s a collection of directions I see happening that actually could help us save lives, save our environment, or get to more worlds than just this planet (if we don’t start working and continuing to work at it, it won’t happen, there is progress to be made).

Viruses are alive and can infect each other:

Ok let me get this right.  Stuff that works on a genetic modification level and makes more of itself is NOT alive?  How does that make sense, you see, it doesn’t.  The teachers, scientists didn’t want to be scared of something they didn’t understand and labeled it is not alive, because, how could it be… it’s too small.  I think we used to say that about water when we looked at it and now we know about amoebas and stuff, golly that changed a lot.  Same reason why there’s nothing out in space.

Back to the "fact" that Star Trek could never happen (don’t say never kids, you could go blind).  We get UFO sightings all the time, try reading – quite a lot of news that they didn’t want to get reported showing up on there.  There is almost a 100% chance that another race won’t even touch us with someraceelse’s reproductive organ until they see us with at least marginally equal to better equipment in which case they had better try to learn what we know and forge some form of alliance or they could get whipped out.  It is the same thing the US and other 1st world countries do for some of the Pygmies and other indigenous tribes around the globe… you leave them alone to learn and progress until there is a REASON why you should pull their head out of their ass.  Man I am feeling my oats tonight….  instead of just trying to build a nuclear bomb…. why don’t we just build a nano-black bomb.  Hell, we could build a macro-black bomb and threaten the whole solar system and see if another interstellar race is smart enough to pick up its energy signature (we use those to tell what kind of star is out there) and stop us.  Or we could try traveling on the most advanced engines we can find (wait… that’s Star Trek again… DANG!) and propagate the universe with our offspring!

We pay money for beauty and not for lives all the time:

This one is too easy.  Has male ego written all over it, not that I have a problem with a healthy male ego.  When people stop caring about the result that get attributed or branch over and down to our fellows, they have looked in the mirror too long.  They are following their ideal blindly and not noticing possibilities they are snuffing out, destroying futures.  Isn’t being human part of creating those possibilities?  Oh, but only the females must keep it alive, we just bring home the money.  This is not a bright future.  It is a sad bit of mental disposition that many are in.

Thanks for reading some important pieces of recent news.  Please bring these topics up in conversation with the person, Joe, Jane, Bob, or Betty that you end up standing next to.  See what they think, it could be different from you, but it could be interesting too.  Its about our life and our future and its looking brighter and brighter, I just might need shades.

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