Here I will post about things still being created, unfinished work, and stuff that will probably never be done. Why don’t I put my art here? More or less, I don’t really ever see an end in sight for any of my drawings and so, I think of each of them as complete from the moment my hand leaves the paper. This is why in development, it is mainly code related things. Either scripts, web pages, apps, and ideally, some true blue mobile development ala Github. That is down the road though and once I have a few more things ironed out as far as life cleanliness and goals.

Here is a list of Our Code:

  1. Port forwarding from one public IP to another public IP
  2. IPTables Firewall and IPSet Setup Scripts
  3. Linux Hardening – Security Check
  4. Timetill-Day WordPress Plugin
  5. After joining BitBucket I finally started up my Budget My Money web app. It is very young and needs a lot of work, contact us if you are interested in developing.

If you are interested in contacting us please check out our about us page.