After upgrading to Xubuntu 16.04 (a slightly better flavor of Ubuntu I think), I noticed that my Conky was looking odd. After some research, I found out that they have changed their parameters for some of the settings.

Here is a modern config for Seamod which many have come to love over the years.

Of significance, is the parameters around the Font specification and the transparency options. I left some of the old configs commented out, and have completely replaced the font params.

I also had to adjust some of the spacing around the curved usage bars.

Here’s the difference on the font part:

font Ubuntu:size=10:weight:normal


font Ubuntu:normal:size=10


#                               conkyrc_seamod
# Date    : 05/02/2012
# Author  : SeaJey
# Version : v0.1
# License : Distributed under the terms of GNU GPL version 2 or later
# This version is a modification of conkyrc_lunatico wich is modification of conkyrc_orange
# conkyrc_orange:
# conkyrc_lunatico:

background yes
update_interval 1

cpu_avg_samples 1
net_avg_samples 2
temperature_unit celsius

double_buffer yes
no_buffers yes
text_buffer_size 2048

gap_x 10
gap_y 30
minimum_size 300 900
maximum_width 350
own_window yes
# own_window_type normal
# own_window_type override
own_window_type desktop
# own_window_transparent yes
own_window_argb_visual yes    
own_window_argb_value 0
# own_window_argb_visual no
# own_window_argb_visual no
own_window_colour 000000
own_window_argb_value 0
own_window_hints undecorated,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager,below

border_inner_margin 0
border_outer_margin 0
alignment top_right

draw_shades no
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no

override_utf8_locale yes
use_xft yes
xftfont caviar dreams:size=10
xftalpha 0.5
uppercase no

# Defining colors
default_color FFFFFF
# Shades of Gray
color1 DDDDDD
color2 AAAAAA
color3 888888
# Orange
color4 EF5A29
# Green
color5 77B753

# Loading lua script for drawning rings
lua_load ./seamod_rings.lua
lua_draw_hook_post main

## System information using conky capabilities

# Header with base system info
own_window_argb_value 0
own_window_colour 000000
${font Ubuntu:bold:size=10}${color4}SYSTEM ${hr 2}
${offset 15}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color1}$sysname $kernel
${offset 15}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color1}$nodename
${offset 15}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color1}Uptime: $uptime

# Showing CPU Graph
${voffset 20}
${offset 120}${cpugraph 40,183 666666 666666}${voffset -25}
${offset 90}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=10}${color5}CPU
# Showing TOP 5 CPU-consumers
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color4}${top name 1}${alignr}${top cpu 1}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color1}${top name 2}${alignr}${top cpu 2}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color2}${top name 3}${alignr}${top cpu 3}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color3}${top name 4}${alignr}${top cpu 4}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color3}${top name 5}${alignr}${top cpu 5}%

#Showing memory part with TOP 5
${voffset 60}
${offset 90}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=10}${color5}MEM
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color4}${top_mem name 1}${alignr}${top_mem mem 1}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color1}${top_mem name 2}${alignr}${top_mem mem 2}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color2}${top_mem name 3}${alignr}${top_mem mem 3}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color3}${top_mem name 4}${alignr}${top_mem mem 4}%
${offset 105}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=10}${color3}${top_mem name 4}${alignr}${top_mem mem 5}%

# Showing disk partitions: root, store-old and personal
${voffset 60}
${offset 90}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=10}${color5}DISKS
${offset 120}${diskiograph 33,183 666666 666666}${voffset -30}
${voffset 20}
${offset 15}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}${color1}Free: ${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}${fs_free /}${alignr}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}Used: ${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}${fs_used /}
${offset 15}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}${color1}Free: ${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}${fs_free /mnt/disk01}${alignr}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}Used: ${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}${fs_used /mnt/disk01}
${offset 15}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}${color1}Free: ${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}${fs_free /mnt/disk02}${alignr}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}Used: ${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}${fs_used /mnt/disk02}

# Network data (my desktop have only LAN). ETHERNET ring is mostly useless but looks pretty, main info is in the graphs
${voffset 60}
${offset 90}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=10}${color5}ETHERNET
${voffset 40}             
${offset 15}${color1}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}Up: ${alignr}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}$color2${upspeed eth0} / ${totalup}
${offset 15}${upspeedgraph eth0 40,285 4B1B0C FF5C2B 100 -l}
${offset 15}${color1}${font Ubuntu:bold:size=9}Down: ${alignr}${font Ubuntu:normal:size=9}$color2${downspeed eth0} / ${totaldown}
${offset 15}${downspeedgraph eth0 40,285 324D23 77B753 100 -l}

${color4}${hr 2}


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