Hi Mom,

Just got back to my bedroom from Ninja camp, its great,
hard but great.  Finally won at some Halo 3 with the boys, we p0wn3d
the other team.  Was awesome, I got two of the bomb drops in one game,
and totally protected the flag in another.  They say I might get my
brown belt before two long.  Oh and I really showed them with the win
in Fight Night 3.  This is the 2nd time I’ve beat someone in a row at
that game (2 different dudes – but the 2nd time was a best of 3 and he
was no slouch).  Before that we were playing some whiffle ball and
soccer – soccer by far being one of my favorites.  This could be one of
my favorite summers ever, with a few of the events I am gonna try to go
to and the possibility of getting back into MU.  Speaking of which, I
have two emails to send tomorrow morning with resumes attached.

Calculated risk sees opportune chance
dance you n00b muthf*ck, dance
Can’t you see my br scoping you out
that my team has you beat is no doubt

Wish that when I was zoomed in
the radar didn’t fall of the pov
Coordination of team play for the win
watch my back and yours is covered by me

Remember to reload often
as it can mean your life
Their team barrier to soften
otherwise we will have strife

Cunning risk and dedicated skill
you don’t see anything but my bag
Play for the fun and thrill
as I crouch, you see its just sad

Oh and tonight I just picked up the Fight Night 3 game for my XBox 360 😀

gamer points here I come.  Oh and I should order those SFF-8087 cables
for my new 8 channel RAID storage card.  ^_^  I need to change my pants.

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