One thing I have to say as the son (Nuclear Engineer) and grand-son (Mechanical Engineer) and future Engineer himself (Computer Science Engineer) – everything is relative (go Google Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and if that is too much for you, read Brian Greene’s Fabric of the Cosmos – brilliant book).  Somewhere in my reasoning, I have a feeling it will take a realization of this relativity (basically that someone can have the same perspective but a different viewpoint and BOTH be correct) before we realize, we don’t have to fight, we can leave this planet, and we can explore this playground that is unfolding before us.  We get to see people sometimes bring up that we need to change or that change is coming, and that is what this out there thinker has reasoned.

This guy, Dattareya (which is so similar to the Japanese Dattebayo – "Believe It" – which when I think about it… is so damn similar to our "determine" or "determined" – to think and believe) Siva Baba, has reasoning’s that we are going to be moving into an accelerated age of inter-personal development.  Many Hindus, Buddhists, and I am pretty sure Taoists, believe that there is a concept called social consciousness.  How aware "we" are of everything around "us" as a whole and responding back as a whole – no separation of identity like we are so used to.  If you think about it, from the BC to the AD we’ve been slowly moving towards this change, why would it ever stop even if it is accelerating already?  Don’t bodies in motion tend to stay in motion (those of us that have studied physics… yes)?  Would be cool if what the Mayans, the Egyptians, and quite a few OLD cultures said would be true (and funny enough, it happens around a time when our Sun is as powerful as EVER – or so the article says, I want to see more that speaks along the same currents).

Read for a happier day!

Dattatreya Siva Baba, the YouTube Guru, predicts a new age of enlightenment starting on this month’s full moon

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