As I listen to my
radio station "Chunky House" (look for and you can
see my stations here) which is currently belting out "So Flute" by St.
Germain I am thankful that this internet ad supported site isn’t trying
to charge me for the service they share for free. I’m
also glade that I don’t have to pay MORE to my internet provider
Mediacom just to listen to this feed as it works from that site. Are there chances that this utopian environment could change, you betcha Buckaroo Bonzai.

What if you did have to pay more? What if you have AT&T and you want to view
but you have to pay AT&T another .10 cents just to connect to the
website that normally you can see on any system for free or the normal
cost of the internet there? That would be terrible! Think
of having to pay an additional rate on top of what you have to pay now,
just to see some of the sites you are already used to. That
bill was luckily stopped short and provisions have been made into
legislation around the 700 Mhz band that has to be open access to any
provider in the data sector, you just pay for the access to the 700 Mhz
band with your device, no per use additional fees. Google made that possible.

AT&T’s 700 Mhz band locations
Here is their Band Plan for the Commercial Service

we have to worry about the Telcos (Verizon, AT&T, Century Tel,
Sprint, MediaCom, etc) giving the government information about us and
our communication just because the government feels like it. I ask you, why you should give up your rights of privacy just because someone feels like it is a good idea? Who do you trust as your power of attorney, Bush or you? Your brother or sister or the random guy off the street? Generally,
people want to have a certain blanket of privacy around them and that
is why we kinda came over here in the first place isn’t it? So we could get people to stop telling us what to do and how to do it. Back
then it was more religion than anything else, but now it is about
anything that might move "left" or "right", liberal or conservative.

Good Idea vs. Bad Idea… its pretty simple ppl!

is supposed to be the thing that allows you to sleep well at night
because we don’t have another country abusing our rights as citizens of
this land. They have certain trade agreements with other countries that allow us to have our wants and desires within healthy timeframes.

know what, I am going to list several things I think a Government
should do and should not do… some of these are relevant to what is
changing around us.

The Government that you might vote towards does not tell your kids what to believe in. In southern states they have managed to get "Intelligent Design" put into the classrooms. That
type of concept is taught in your various religions and if you want to
believe that the world was made in 7 days literally, that’s your bag.

Government that you might vote towards does not inquire information
from you but unless they have probable cause that allows them to get a
warrant for such information or you. Yet Bush
has been the one to press oh so hard to have this NOW retro-active
immunity bill into Congress, succeeded and now is fighting to get it
through the House.

Government that you might vote towards has a profitable and community
oriented health care system that allows its citizens to be taken care
of on many levels. We have to look out at what Hilary and Obama have on the slate as well as McCain (war monger?)

you feel some of these, or any of these, or even your completely
separate ideas, you should call your Senator or Representative today
and just voice your opinion. If this doesn’t work, we should all think about moving.
– People For the American Way (they are a Democratic biased site that
tracks how things are going in the Judicial, Federal, and Congressional
parts of our lives)

Current issue – No Telco Immunity :

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