You know how to vibe?

is not a question, it is a statement of life.  When you enter a mix of
persons, vibing is one of the bawler ways of entertaining your fellow participants.  Wouldn’t you like to be entertained?

Thought so.

vibing you should share the movitavtive energy that is cultivating
around the room.  In fact, you would like to be a fan for that energy,
getting those embers glowing and roasting.

BBQ with all the
fixings, someone even brought those deviled eggs w/the red paprika
spriklins… god those are satans gift.  Evil little convections of
sweet and tart.  So good you can eat just one, better have fun, eat

So I’ve been working .. servers for a little bit, got two
of them running my house now, Ubuntu w/Daper Drake (8.04 and all that)
and have that new pricey Promis RAID-6 card that I gotta make sure I
can use all the features on (RAID expansion… oh the hottness).  Then
some websites are finally coming to forms of furition – and (actually the forums more than anything – as well as my own
got redone with some CSS and XHTML complaint code.  Its all a part of
the culviation of vibe.  I’d like to open the flood gates and pour the
vibe out on everyone.

Can’t wait to see so much of this happen.  Much love to all, peas and karrots.

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