is a purpose extended to the participant asking them to enroll their
mind into a brief view of understanding.  The works of Gustav Klimt
have always really resonated with me, usually it is The Kiss that I
find facinating.  Kisses to me are incredibly strong or can be and he
shows the power of the motion, the care of the caress, and the almost
lift of love when you look at how they seem suspended yet are reaching
for each other.
To really dive in to another’s perspective can be transporting, you see
maybe friendships, or structure in the following piece.  Also note the
ball of color and girl is many varied yet the background is a dull
brown, earth?  The other thing that seems to get me is the constant yet
almost syncronous intermingling of color patterns.  These seem to
almost be programmed to cause me to feel different as if they
themselves convey an emotion that I am reaching to understand.

The Maidaines
Gustav Klimt

Uninhibited views
seem to allow for more sight of an area.  It is probably this that
causes me to appreciate beauty in so many ways – dangerous beauty, kind
beauty, spontaneteous beauty, and calculated beauty to name a few. 
Yet, what is it that inhibits our view?  Does anything, do we even
realize it.  Wait, I do not need to send my reader into that pragmatic
thought pattern.  What if, day by day, your eyes enjoyed opening more
and more?  Don’t concern yourself with where you can’t see today, jump
to where you see tomorrow.

philosophy is a pillar of kindness in colloseum of methods and its
ideal of spontaneity is wonderous.  If everything would be in
spontaneiteous order (yes order) there would be this immense flow that
would be eveloping all around us.  Could it be that you have left
spontaneity behind?  Is it possible that I could leave it behind?  Just
like the luggage that I run to at the airport, my spontaneity is
something that I will keep ingrained into my being for all my days. 
While to make certain journies I have to check it into the over head
compartment, other times, it gets stored underneath my feet, and what I
really hate, is checking my fucking bags at the plane of schedules.

Seeing is believing
Sight lies within

See the color for the black and white
Lines in the art create barriers
Extend your vision

Not yourself, outside yourself
Back at yourself

Outside in sans inside out

Mirror to result mirrored phases
Rooting in different soil makes
Tremendous differences in the same
Yet each tree of the human (forest) is never the same
Get the most from your environment
Share the shade of your branches
Give the fruit of your works
Forget fear of love

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