Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke… the pounding anthem plays. "Where was I going…" ah yes, I was heading to (class, my bike, a friend’s house, to get my mail, to the club, or a place to eat). As this anthem goes, I know that it is time for me to move my feet, to head in the direction of the place in front of me. Sometimes, however, I lose my place on the page and have to re-focus to see and remember exactly where I was going. The drum beat sets the rhythm and in percussion I moved in the direction that I state. This level of attention to movement might seem a bit out of place for some, yet for me it is quite the norm. If I have something to distract myself with, then it doesn’t seem to consume my attention quite as much, this action of walking and moving to my next place where I get to do more things that occupy my attention (play if you will, most things that occupy my attention at some level become a game to me, otherwise, they are boring). Beat, beat, beat, I hear another beat moving next to me. The first time this happened for me is probably before I can remember, I do not know for sure, the first time I had the chance and experience to feel out what I have taught the various pieces of me before moving them together was a vacation not too long ago, I flew a long distance and stayed in a couple homes. One of the homes I could feel the people of the house around me, I could hear their beats. Something like a heartbeat, more like a symphony of pounding melody. Not to lesson by describing this to ears that may not have a reference to recreate the action in their own thoughts, I could describe what happened as a symphony of the bodies that night. Now it seems that I can shift this beat as my own walking rhythm when I am moving and usually know the place of my foot before it falls. This beat of others is becoming something I can grasp as well. To say this is interesting and something outside of what many would even believe or want to grasp is to say too little. It cannot be imagined. It can only be proven to one’s self. It can only be the Tao. It can only be action through in-action and the association of others that have strong ears or minds or whatever allows access to the strings that connect all of us. When you notice a specific vibration in the works, you notice a flower blooming, is what it could be described as. You can give this flower the source or pure light that is enerizagation. The flower can bloom stronger if it is capable of receiving the light that is being shown. If you can imagine or are even familiar with such a concept you can almost see in your mind’s eye the bloom and the circular flow that is spinning in many directions yet all throughout is organized and continues to pour in on itself.
Not only is this symphony something beautiful but just like the orchestra that you sit and enjoy for moments of time. This choasymphony of brilliant sound can be breathtaking and might be something that you want to step away from for a minute sometimes even longer periods of time. Many people I think have walls or filters up that allow them to not even have to take breaks from the music. Either they never hear it or they only hear a few instruments or specific notes from those instruments at a time. Once I tune into it and it seems that I am almost constantly wired to hear it, I must take breaks every now and then again. It is truly inundating. It seems, and this next part has yet to be proved, but I deliver the message from one flower to the next, and it appears without trying to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story about the life of a man. Hope you enjoyed the perspective. Soon there will be a Part II to this story.

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