In the throws of passion, the element is the action.
Generating that element takes pairs
that want mutual existence,
not self serving vapid transparence.

She doesn’t put out, he doesn’t talk,
He doesn’t put out, she doesn’t talk,
Communication is key,
That is the philosophy.

Could one reach such an enlightened state,
that all there is pleasure to masturbate?

My world desires to seek,
fruits that are ripe and meek.
While spoken is the world of voice,
token advice actions speak twice.

Worlds view on men is only as powerful as ten,
ten is but one with a zero at the end.

The power of man is the culmination of his zen.

The zeal of woman is how she can bend that zen
Remove the zero at the end of ten
Make women and men out of his zen
To forces untold and for futures unfold
You know the pedia can only hold stedia
For power amplifies and shorts lead to lies.

Truth is the table that I wish to eat
Forefront foretold forenot the too bold
Fall on their face their own ass they trace
Seek not the self and try something else.

*now blogger has consumed th c.

any good game desires a good game player
king chess players finesse with knight like manner
rooms dominated by psycionistic pervasive pattern
snipe deriving beckoning denouncement of divine dividends
the player must also make patterns on the game
for otherwise fruitless is the one that doesn’t reap
concentric coexistent cohesive make the pattern
one share the same separate we sustain
currently i have math to study and two customers to finish
and some time to put in at generic, too much time at east side
guitar lyric are cool even if on a ds though it does lack in metal
being mostly plastic i believe there should be a new plastic metal
and even plastic metal is pretty hard
the two acts prior had a power and metal

the electronic kids have a different way of hearing it but they are one and the same
in electronca generally (this changes when you got live pa – where) the artist has created
material with incredible rhythms and beat structure that is art to dance with
and in live pa you see smithing that is of incredible proportions, they
actually allow themselves to draw right on the dancer
its like nothing else in this world
well i could name one thing that might just top that
but you see that does make it bounce back
ocean of motion to proportion of extortion
threads weaving together new strings to be strung again
hopeless romantic i
mom that knows true guidance from a woman’s point of view
father that knew circa 20s matting patterns
could have been good old boy i yet Jehovah’s Witness was i
sight only sees half way, look again to see some mo
to have a seconds care for the existential moment isn’t my mo
my forefathers sewed and reaped as will i

much love,

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