Our Team

Owner and Agent: Jonny5


According to my Dad I found out about computers when I saw him dial in on an old teletype terminal that he used to connect to the mainframe at the University of Missouri back in the 1980s. He said that I said “computer” after seeing and pointing at my mis-understood object of my future obsession. Obsession is putting it lightly, and today I do more, think more, reason more, and create more with them than any other man made object out there.

Work: Security, Networking, Programming, Network and System Design
Hobbies: DJing, Computers, Art, Dancing, Swimming, HAM, and Biking

Consulting Agent: Mizz Mudd

Hello, my name is Maura Mudd. I am a freelance graphic designer living in Columbia, Missouri. I produce unique eye-catching designs for print, web, apparel, packaging… you name it! Whatever new look you desire I’ll not only work with your budget but also deliver an end product that we’re both proud of.

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Consulting Agent: Struemph

I build WordPress websites for digital agencies, inbound marketers, freelancers, and businesses. I provide development services and support including assistance with implementing new features, tweaks, full-service install and setup, responsive design, custom plugins, security scans, backups, and design-to-theme. I develop themes from scratch or I can work with any theme framework of your choice like WooThemes and Genesis.

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