One to All

Empirical epidermis Separating open from closed Your barrier is an illusion Enter everyone Waves of strokes n folks Euclideanly empty empaths Export entry Phrases reach phases moving about Without touch out of touch Evaporated existential Cleaned purity recycles thought Move outside your shell Engaged enrichment Gravity unbound abound A chorus of color

Stability is a continual reward

It seems I’m at a loss for words on how to describe this, but, once you’ve found a budget, once you see yourself moving away from living paycheck to paycheck and your really truly living withing your means, even to an effort, it actually becomes easy. Doing the job you once did before takes on…

Beliefs verses faith verses truth

WTF Exoteric religion is ugly. Esoteric religion is generally not. Most people are simply too simple to handle the esoteric. When intelligent people are exposed only to the exoteric, either via experience or voyeurism, religion and/or faith seems silly. Much exoteric practice is silly. YES: at the core of many beliefs are the tenets…

This lost feeling

An endless soup of cut up feelings Unfinished justifications And mislabeled progress I will never feel bad In leaving a bad situation Why do I feel so lost Without my connection