I have a rather interesting idea.  It is the idea of a better way of communicating extremely long distances.  I am not going to immediately go to my idea as I like to ramble a bit and I am figuring that not everyone will understand all the processes or the seriousness involved with this caliber of an idea.

For starters we have been using electromagnetic signals, basically light, to transmit information currently.  These signals are actually slow.  See here.

Radio signals (electromagnetic waves) go at approximately (in vacuum) 186,411.358 miles/sec (300000km/sec) and this is the same speed as light.  It would take about 4 to almost 22 minutes to transmit only the smallest piece of information from Earth to Mars depending on the distance they were from each other in our immediate Universe, SOL (even that is a very minute piece of our total SOL Solar System we are a part of).

Lets compute that as a part of transferring the data across different parts of our Universe.

Time for light from the Sun to hit Earth – 7 minutes.

Time for light from the Sun to hit Pluto – 5.5 hours.

Diameter of the Milky-Way = 100,000 light-years (same description of light)

Diameter of the Universe = 93,000,000,000 light-years (how many years it would take light at its constant speed to go from one side to the other)

Warning, this image will take forever to load, but gives a interesting impression on the understanding required to conceive of such a huge space.

Scaling of our surrounding Solar System

Okay, we have a pretty good idea that there isn’t any intelligent life within so many thousand light years of our immediate vicinity (this is a VERY highly debated item and as such I just throw out a number that sounds like they aren’t next door).  It would be luck that a signal from them hit us anyway as we are moving around quite a bit within our own Solar System and Galaxy when it comes right down to it (a lot – read some of these articles that you find by size of the solar system and such on Google… incredible reads).

Yet we spend millions on huge antenna to listen and see what signals make it to us on the ground.  Does this seem stupid?  Actually, no, the idea isn’t stupid, the method is however.  At least I think so.

Okay, what method would be good?

Glad you asked.  A Quantum Entangling Antenna.  A device that has a quantum synchronous variable frequency (using quantum tangled particles as a dial to tune the antenna to various objects out in space).  What we would be looking for is an overall device oscillation akin to what the object we are dialing in has.  Obviously some way to use this antenna to drive a signal generator and try out some of the data it is sending us.

Why a spoon brother? (Quote from Robin Hood – Real question: Why use a Quantum Entangled Frequency Antenna?)  The idea is that if you can tune quantum entanglement then you could tune to a specific frequency of entanglement.  Once you have your object tuned to it, you can pick up state changes or environment changes around it or within it.  This would be like opening a worm hole that you could tune to another worm hole anywhere in the galaxy.  What would come out of it?  Who knows?  The other part of this is, if you could do this, then you could use your Quantum Device like a radio and broadcast out information.  The neat thing.  It would go EVERYWHERE at ONCE.  Or so the idea begins that way.  Since with Quantum Entanglement is immediate, anything happening to one item, happens immediately to the other, you can just forget about the huge difference is distance between two objects and you could traverse HUGE distances in zero time.  Faster than light information travel.  This would be a MASSIVE information and technological breakthrough for our human civilization.

I have several hypothesis with this.

One, Black Holes have a Quantum nature that we haven’t begun to look into.

Two, Quantum Entanglement exists at the heart or is part of the Black Hole nature.  Quantum Forces with some very specific forms of X-Ray Light are the few things that can get out of a Black Hole.

Three, Black Holes might be a form of intelligent life.

Four, if Intelligent Life exists out there, they would use Quantum Antenna to communicate with the rest of the Intelligent Life out there since it would be an immediate form of communication.

Now, who wants to start building one?

After talking to a physics learned man, I have more or less found out
that there are about 12 different sub-atomic particles and of those,
the different micro-quantum mechanics have to be exactly the same for
the atoms that are being considered to be entangled (more correctly,
for entanglement to be true – MANY NANOSCOPIC properties must be exactly the same along with other truths (we don’t know yet)). As this is the
case, for us to tune these aspects of an individual atom, for us to
change the properties on the fly for the individual parts of an atom,
we must progress MUCH father in our understanding of such matter. In
other words, we barely understand protons, yet we used them for about
all of our advanced nuclear and data related items.

Kind of like traveling on ice, but never understanding that if we melted it, we could drink it.

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