so, today is my last day and then i am back to columbia, mo. yay! cause actually i have been missing all my friends there quite a bit. plus i don’t know where to get any smoke up here… and so i have been feening a bit.
just a little anyway.

today i went up to los alamos… or right near by it, and it was a freaking hike in my rental car. gezz i am happy i don’t have to make that treck every day. this guy gordon that i was in the training class with showed me the directions on how to get there and stuff… pretty neat. the trip took about as long as a trip to st. louis or kansas city from columbia, but the only thing was, it was all at once and furthermore… i went from desert to snow and back in the whole trip.
gonna have to say, that is a first for me. good times all the same.
mesa’s are beautiful… omg. i have quite a few picts and hopefully they turn out (the camera is a bit on the blitzy side after an accident at a party… don’t sit on your camera… doesn’t help them at all).

well, i am now off to get something to eat and drink with calos… lynn and some other people from the class. they are all foreign and i might as well be for as much as i fit in here, so i think it should be a good time. it is funny, i am absolutely certain that i should have been born in japan about 400 to 500 years in the future. it would have been
perfect for me. simple awesome. love the culture and technology, so i think it would have been pretty neat. ok ok, i am rambling, getting off here