Guess I’ll name this post last, the title alone of this topic is topical to say the least.

With the advent of a whistle blower telling the world about an action that in a loose way we the people passed. We’ll get back to that part about how we the people gets misrepresented here and there later. This action was a directive that allowed the US Government’s NSA free access to meta data for many communication providers at large. The at large part of this is important as we really don’t know who the NSA has information on and supposedly, it isn’t just the outside world of nations and their peoples as the NSA is charged to do. The NSA do a great service, keeping track of the doings of some of the more troublesome groups and individuals from areas outside of the USA. That is also good, we (really any country) need that, and I will say that is why we are quite fortunate to have the USA. It is a protection measure, and insurance for we the people. It give us a negotiation boundary with peoples of other countries and should allow for easier coordination as the structure should encourage commerce, trade, exports, tourism, research, exploration, and actively protecting the world we are all a part of. Growth and capital are what we are measured by even at the nation level and certainly later at the corporation and company level. Our country providing structure for external interaction is essential.

This is about the effect of bleed over from external and internal interaction and trying to monitor the external without breaking the rights of the internal. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, we developed this nation, it was the year 1776. When we drew up the nation and its initial laws we sided on liberties and how they were inalienable. This was wonderful. We realized how important our rights were especially since they had been quite literally trampled on by the British. The French in general aided us, and we certainly had our part trampling on the natives and enlisting their help in furthering our goal of independence. Quite the hard fought battle to allow ourselves rights, rights that have been until the past several 60-40 years, only growing in their ability to safe guard our fellow man and insure a goal of civility, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness. If I was to name a time and place were we regressed

Who decides our liberties?

We the people.

Then as we the people try to affect our surroundings, how can we have the goal of the greater good in our mindset and not allow greed to enter the equation.

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