here i have joined myspace… thank you mr. tony foo yong *don’t
pronounce that as young… it is yong like … your wrong*. i am in my
hotel room because i am waiting for tomorrow to come around when i go
back for another 8 hour session of linux cluster training, which btw,
depending on who is doing the training is either pretty funny and
neat… or will make you want to impale yourself on whateveryou can
find… no matter how blunt of an object it is. albuquerque is a pretty
neat place, the highways are mostly setup really well… with the
exception of rush hour time, but then from my state, st. louis gets
nuts busy and comes to a complete stand still. here it just kind of
slows down every now and then. well, there are some pretty nice people
out here and then some really scary ones. i was down by the university
and saw a guy just hit some woman and bitch her out and leave with his
"buddies". f**ked up. i wanted to do something about it, but i am
across the street and well, i personally am not from around here and
kind of like staying among the living rather than dieing so far from
home… (still kind of has that really sad romantic sound to it though
doesn’t it). well, i had best get to sleep because it is only midnight
and by my personal clock 1 am. hopefully tomorrow won’t be so bad and
thursday evening i might be able to take that tram up to the top of the
mesa or mountain or how ever you call it. i am supposed to find out
when the sun sets and see it that way… but i haven’t a clue of how to
find out when that is or how long it take to get up there.