One of the coolest things and most exciting for me is the Interview.  Rarely do you get a chance to show yourself in a light or describe yourself as directly and react and respond in such a way.  You paint a picture in your future boss, or the H.R. person who is to qualify you’s mind.  It is about taking the palette of speech and topics that they bring up, and using them and building on them as you continue conversation.  You certainly don’t make the interview about them, but, this is your chance to find out more about them and their company, so keeping it about both of you will help you win the strongest.  Selling yourself needlessly is something you should try to feign away from.  Doing so makes you needy and seem weak.

Strong topics that you bring up should be direct, selected, and relevant.  This will maximize your future conversation from there.  Also, keep away from asking dumb questions, "Do you guys have a Culligan water thingy?", because they will destroy your creditability.

The nice thing is, today, I had a great interview.  It was a warm up for the re-meeting that I plan to have with MU’s Telecom Department.  They are the mechanism that allows MU to keep itself going and the people that work there, are either Linux or Windows Server addicts.  They eat, sleep, and breath security, maintenance, and high performance systems.  Could I pick a better plateau to gather and jump from?  No.  Could I honestly pick a better place to secure my future and settle myself for the next several years with an investment and later a little bit of Travel as I see my credit score raise?  No.  The next couple years have a lot instore for them.

Future note: you are doing this so you can feel comfortable making babies with someone.  don’t rush into that next step.  you want to be secure and safe – either WITH A HOUSE or selling one when that even starts happening.  that means that maybe 5 years from then (yeah, I might secure myself and save a little bit on the side so I know I can have a child if/when I get that old) i could be getting married, and it would be whatever lead to that that would decide if that’s before or after marrage.  yeah, i guess i could start having a child before marriage, but i would seriously perfer against it.  this could change later, but that is my thoughts right now.

Ah, Memorial Weekend.  There’s gonna be a party of existensial proportions this weekend.  More on that later.  My own flesh and blood brother will be with me, it is gonna be off da hook!!!

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