It seems I’m at a loss for words on how to describe this, but, once you’ve found a budget, once you see yourself moving away from living paycheck to paycheck and your really truly living withing your means, even to an effort, it actually becomes easy. Doing the job you once did before takes on additional meaning and your desire to do well at it grows. The easy you find doing it better is surprising. Not only have you been working at it for sometime, learning the patterns, learning the areas to innovate at. Everyone learning your patterns.

Motions happen swiftly and with greater ease. It is quite a bit more exciting as well. There is a sense of desiring the continual balance, and really, that is just skating, surfing, gliding, and more or less keeping pace while moving with the motions.

In stability, the moment to moment increase or decrease in action matters little, just keep pace, plan out your time to manage the pace and don’t ever let it go faster than you can.

This does not mean take your time, and I’d say that’s not an issue because you didn’t get here by doing that anyway.

If I can … and I’ve got to look this concept up again, monetize that as selling to my family (I.E. sell this helpful ability within the framework of selling to family, but with an desire to put food on the table), then I could improve others lifestyles, and better yet, give them usable tools to work through the messes.

Managing life is a mess, and you can organize/manage robots that make planning and controlling that mess easier.

Tomorrow I will attempt my first session of counselling via one of these robot creations I’ve made. I haven’t made it to sell yet, and I haven’t picked a distribution method yet, it is still an evolving project and we will see how it goes.

What I’ve done is make my life easier and I want to help others do this too while maintaining the model that got me here.

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