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SundaeFundae with Jonny5 & Spherex

This is the Part 1 of a 2 part mix. Spherex and I got down for four hours and this is the product! Get ready for moving beats, fun tunes, and then on Part 2, it goes for more Electro and then onto Rap Game, Trap, and a new release track by Spherex called ’05 S-Type (spherex rap edit). Look below for the players!

SundaeFundae w/ Jonny5 6-24-2013 (Part 1) by Jonny5 on Mixcloud

SundaeFundae w/ Spherex 6-24-2013 (Part 2) by Chris Spherex on Mixcloud

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  1. Trip

    Love it! Fun LOVIN GOOD time music! Wish I was there. Miss the shit outa you guy`s. I`ll be movin back to the Lou soon enough I will have to come over to COMO and rage with you guyQs when I do. ell Erica and all the O`l crew I send my Love and Good Vibes Y`alls way (~);} your friend till the end Trip

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