A first entries are always fun in a way – they set the mood that follows. Well, this one isn’t necessarily… oh wait, it is…


That was all it took. This is going to turn into a bit of a project for me. Something to learn a little bit more PHP and MySQL with, something to get media of different formats into, and possibly something that lets me make a real easy multimedia gallery for myself in the future and others too.

In addition to this project, I am also running:


Gah, and now I have to learn how to access their subversion information. Gr8.

Keep watching, this will change – it all does eventually.

Now this isn’t the first post anymore, it is in fact the 254th post.  That number is imaginary as it is merely my description for how many Myspace.com blog entries I am converting over to this platform.  It works rather well and is free.  Those were my two requirements before I started a new system of keeping my notes and thoughts and ideas.  This will work just fine.