Moving.  The world is always moving.  There’s a momentum that exists as a part of the greater system, and intrinsically as a part of all the rest of the systems.

In any system when you derive or syphone off, nay, convert the energy – you loose part of what drives the system.

I propose that in the greater system we are capable of siphoning the very energy that drives our planet / sun interaction.  Maybe even the whole solar system if we were to evolve so much.

See, in the system were we use magnets to spin and use energy in the air and rolling with the air, you magnetize the cables in such a way to the residual change is nominal.  You average electric motor.

Now in a a system in where you could funnel all of the electricity of a lighting strike into a power cell of such immense holding, the change would be a loss of residual electrons and positrons in the environment.  Does our sun partially cause lighting?  Very possibly.  Would holding that and storing it cause a change in our planet’s interaction with the Sun?  Maybe.

Take in account for the changing of the from of carbon chain in its various forms (oil, coil, etc), the impedes a very noticeable living system.

Obviously by observing the observable alone we change our environment, and by using and manipulating it, we again cause a similar effect, how can we then use and make one with the environment without bending it over backwards?  In this last case I mean environment omnigorically.  That might be a new word, but what I intend to convey is the idea that your environment also contains you.

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