How much do you deserve?

How much should you wait for things to happen?

How upset should you be when it doesn’t work the way you intended?

The answer to these rests in one thing, how much are you contributing to it in the first place?  Everyone has to contribute to get anything out of life, rarely are people of a position that they can just eat the fat of life without ever getting into the kill.  Those that don’t have to get into the grind of life are usually allow such a break by those around them that give them this prestigious position.  Prestige is a great idea for those of worth, and usually they are due their worth.  Either by family member handing it down in the name, or by self actualized gain.  To take prestige or, to force others to give you prestige or undo praise, is a failure at life.  Know your role, know why are doing something and have purpose in it.

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