that I’ve been doing better?

I am doing better.  Two jobs, those are the ones that pay me every two weeks like clockwork.  It’s kinda of nice.  The other job is for the boss that I live with now.  He’s been one of the coolest people in my life, doing things that I would’ve never expected him to.  Seeing a life and a future that’s akin to an age old friend; one even from previous lifetimes.  This makes him not only a brother, but a father, and a friend.  It’s great, but once you have flown the coup, you must stay outside the nest.  My real Dad wants me to live with him but to change the fiber of who I am to accomplish that.  Not what I am willing to do.

Ya, this ones not going to be all fun and games.  Kind of wish it was, hopefully I can end it that way.

What are you willing to do to get what you want?

Change your religion to get desired result in life?

Change who you are to be better accepted?

Change your look so people feel more at ease around you?

Once I learned that I had a certain way that I appreciated, it became my future and my say on how things develop.

This is true for anyone realizing method and the way.  It is you whom you must be and not that which people wish to form you into.  Surveying their logic to see why they gave such advice, applying positive suggestion where possible, can help you see you might agree with their point of view.  If you can’t comprehend their motive then pray-tell that they would listen to you.

I can honestly say, if someone is not going to listen to me, then I may never listen to them.  When taught to communicate, I learned that one must ask or illicit information on the topic that the person is talking about to ensure they know that you are interested.  I find this funny as most people don’t do this.  They generally give a synopsis for their thought on the matter in a matter of fact sort of way.  Like their statement has total relevance and that their opinion is in fact correct.

Your parts are nothing more than the parts of our whole and you are merely looking at your arm and calling it all of your body.  You are not looking in the mirror.  Imagine a whole universe seeing itself in reflection and how it would be able to achieve and understand of what it was viewing.  Singularity.  Such a concept is mathematically difficult to comprehend and even further in human understanding to really know the state of matter that would be produced in such an effect.

In my search to better myself I have finally been contacted by my first head hunter.  A man contacted me via email and I responded quickly and surely.  We are working to move myself into a company near the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  It sounds like quite a wonderful offer.  Several servers, the network, security, system resource management, and user support tier ii or iii probably.  The offer has been made to get me certifications and other glorious wondrous rewards.  May this door lead to a great opening and forward movement in my life.  I wish to use this opening to dawn new futures of my lives and make this world a better place.  As settlers of old set out into Oklahoma to claim their land and stake their name for the future of their family, I too wish to bring about all their is and can be for me.  Selfishly, I want.  Gladly I will give.

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