A novel naivety
that pleasantry

Wit, derived from choice happen-stance.

Through coordinated motion, entrance.

This skill for the inny is rather foreign.  It is to easy to spend the rest of the time thinking about it or weighing the options and waning down to minimal random.

Through these motions a enrapture is formed.  Trust is bonded and expanded vision is seen.

How and what do you create random with you really don’t know random?

The only answer I know to this is to try to get to know the one of your enamour, you look for cues, for hints to thinks that you both would recognise.  Maybe concepts, or jokes on concepts, especially if you find puns to be some of the higher grades of humour out there.

In my minds eye, I think it no different than the reason we are all here.  To come to greater understanding, love, and provide for future.

On a completely random note, has anyone else looked so close at the pixels on their laptop that they see each one plainly yet there is that center waiver and wondered if anyone else has ever done that.  Or that random floaty thing in your eye (its the blood vessels from when you were a baby).  That keeps me up at night.

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