post is structured around the idea of going after something because you
are sure you won’t like it but you want to prove that you can.  could
also be associated with struggling to understand that which you don’t
and being quite proud of your futile effort for someone else has made
it the task. 
being rational in direct resistance of the irrational.  is that what we all do?

to pursue a goal is to take on a quest.
you set a task as being necessary to pour energy to and then open the
port in your heart, personal time, or intellect.  in one way or another
it becomes part of you – you kind of take it up like in Pirates of the
Caribbean.  remember his dad, bootstrap with the star fish on the side
of his face?  yup.  he started to become part of the ship because that
is what he devoted his LIFE to.  me personally wouldn’t want to take up
ferrying the dead to the other side of the world and that sex with
keira had better the bees knees.  for real, she had better be fully
capable of high buffer mode.  ok, so i should have stayed with bees
knees – that’s as much of an appology as you are going to get.  ~_^

don’t know how to select their favored task.  they are at a loss to
pick them out of a list of suspects.  the thing is… YOU are the
suspect.  YOU are the one being chosen in that case.  very important to
be the informant.  you get to call the shots.  you set the drop.  you
make the life, the $$, possibilities possible.  aahhhh, so you pursue the impossible to inform yourself that you are so capablewow i had that set as next paragraph but look how it fit in there? 
yeah, you pursue the impossible to see how capable you are – it is all
about defining yourself and how you let others make that definition
stand. oh and this next one is perfect. why should you not, the true goal is the ultimate return!

say that you don’t go into something without a goal in mind would be
quite futile.  if you are reading a book to have the presence to be
able to say you read a book that most are not capable of is quite a
profound excercise. i’ve read herman hess and have in my list a few
neiche books because most can’t handle the stark obervence of human
relations. in their own way human relations can be quite a task and has
its own connections and sharing paths. once you make those connections
you do not sever them – that is not a way to treat a friend and you had
better been attempting a sharing of focuses for the betterment of not
only yourself.

true person of goal sees to it that their goal by the ends broadens
global conciousness or helps many to see another side of themselves.
arrogant? not at all, we all have things that we can teach each other,
that is why it is so important to communicate.

oh… i choose life. born slippy?  transpotting?  watch it.

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