When you believe
in something you want to put it in a place in your heart to safe guard
it.  Sometimes you might say that you don’t even need to safe guard
it… but really, you believe this right, it is something that you
would put above most other things and in that way, you have put it on a
petistel.  Don’t want that falling off of the petistel right?  Of
course not, which is why you put up barriers around this believe, and
assertations that allow you to prove that above all doubt, you believe
this one thing.

Fact is something that many or all (more correctly all, but
since in most democratic nations they allow the freedom of thaught and
even some that don’t – people still god damn think for themselves we
will keep this as accurate as possible) believe is correct.  Fact is a
direct result of having a belief in something and then proving its
truth over and over and over and over and over you get the idea again.

In this way, fact is a result of faith which is brought together by belief.

By the way… check out this link – amazing. (will work soon)

So, the interesting thing about having beliefs is that if enough
people believe something to be true, it generally is.  In fact, it
almost always either is already true or it becomes true.

This is the very interesting thing about having an assertive faith
system were you communicate and share your beliefs with those around

Ok – here is the neat thing.  I have this idea about sharing the
idea of peace.  Yes, peace.  The treating of others with good will and
care and not ripping off someone or forsaking them.  There is a t-shirt
that I have thought of making recently, it kind of just came to me
after dancing in my car to a pretty good beat and realizing that some
people, namily a pretty funky dood that could dance on rollerskates
would dance on the crossroads of Broadway and Providence and smile and
wave at passersby.  It was almost serene in its presenation.  Here’s a
man that is beside himself in happiness that he wants to just listen to
his music and allow other’s to enjoy his good mood and smile back at
him.  Best way to start a smile is to share a smile right?

My method is about the same, instead, in this case, I will have
a t-shirt that says "Peace for all, lets all roll this ball" on the
front and on the back "Dontcha wish you were doing this too?".  Simple,
discrete, kind, and smilie.  I’d be doing about what the other dood
does, except, with the statement and with maybe better dancing. 
Although I can’t do the rollerskate thing, it would be possibly break
dancing or maybe something a little like pop and lock.

Where do
we decied to quit just watching and start making motions in the
water… changing out the ocean breaks or how the river water pours. 
My hearts desire is to not disturb the ebb and flow.  That is my Taoist
detatchment.  One of the issues that I think arrives from having this
detatchment is that others are disallowed to view how things good be. 
They are removed from lessons.  I would like to put a lesson on the
view, but allow others to shift from their seat or possibly avert their
waters motion on their own.  Where I would be is on a street corner,
perferably not a huge one… and most likely one where similar others
have been doing the same.  I won’t stand out, and if someone takes the
time to notice and take in instead of brushing off or by – they too
will enjoy another moment amunst the many.

(her name is Joy… laugh)

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