This is how I often think about trying to interact with that girl, the other lady, any woman.  My mind goes into hyper-drive instead of mac.  Mac, no not like the Mac’n’Cheese, but like the Big-Mac, with the secret sauce and double layers.  Its like it skips all of the natural urges to grab her by the hair and drag her to the nearest cave and show her what we are both missing.  I mean, yeah, you can’t do that any more.  No caves!  Least none that wouldn’t give you a bad cold after you dragged her in there and had your way with her.  Near as I know, the clinics around here don’t react well to people in loin clothes or men dragging their women around by their hair.  By I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try right?

If my interactory drive shaft *heehee, I said shaft* would put the torque were it needs to be and just tell her that I think she has better things to do besides standing there and talking to herself, then maybe I would have a cave bitch.  Really, was anyone else even listening or was she just filling the air with wasted noise.

If you don’t know me that well, I am EXTREMELY non-violent, so that is just a joke at my own expense but also at the mating ritual and its cycle.

Yes, I’m kidding about beating up your woman, and no I don’t think a woman is a man piece of property, but I do think that men have a certain moral conscience around protecting that which they care about.  Whither they vocalize it in a chest beating way or they walk on the outside of the side walk, that is what they do.  Men that don’t do this are not men, they are boys.

In the end, the one finds you, kind of a both sides to that – and some swooning to be noticed and received, but after that it is a shared path, and a care for either other, stronger than that of friends, yet different at the same time.  While I am not there right now, quite single to be precise, I have been there before.  Made very happy and got to make very happy, shared to and shared from, it was quite nice and at the same time it was enjoyable work.  I was content.  Can a man ask for more, sure you can, but why should you, be happy with what you have.

That is such a funny thing to say when you get to the age where you are so ready to procreate you can feel it in your teeth, but you are so single you feel it in your balls.

Just Tis Life, alas, Life Tis Just

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